Other Elected Officials

  1. District Judge
  2. District Attorney
  3. Sheriff
  4. Clerk of Court
  5. Tax Assessor


  • The Honorable Judge Martha O'Neal
  • The Honorable Judge Kerry Anderson


Must have been admitted to practice of law in Louisiana for at least 5 years prior to election and have been domiciled in the respective district the 2 years before election. The district judge is not permitted to practice law after taking office. The term of a District Judge is 6 years.

Each judicial district elects a District Attorney who shall have charge of criminal prosecutions in the district and serve as the representative of the state before the Grand jury. The district judge employs assistance as the law provides and other necessary personnel.

Justice of the Peace

  •  - District 1 
  • Eva Stark - District 2
  • Clyde Dennis- District 4
  • Ruthie Huckaby - District 5

Requirements & Responsibilities

Some parishes have justices of the Peace, and if so the Justice of the Peace is elected for terms of six years, except in Rapides Parish which has four year terms. The justice of the peace may perform marriage ceremonies and has concurrent jurisdiction with the District Court in cases that do not exceed $5,000, except when real estate, political subdivisions, or probate matters are involved. The Justice of the Peace must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be a qualified elector, be of good moral character, and be able to read and write English correctly.

  1. Coroner
  2. Register of Voters
  3. Constable
  4. School Board

Requirements & Responsibilities
The Coroner elected in each parish is responsible for investigating all cases of alleged sex-related crimes and deaths that occur under specified circumstances. Generally, these circumstances are cases of suspicious, unexpected or violent deaths, and deaths without a physician in recent attendance. The Coroner orders and / performs autopsies when necessary. Under procedures established by law, a coroner may order the commitment of persons for mental examinations and treatment. The coroner must be a qualified elector of the Parish and a licensed physician, except in parishes where no licensed physician will accept the post.  The coroner serves a term of years.